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Let’s Be Honest – there is no shortage of staffing companies offering a plethora of promises and guarantees for everything from employees showing up on time to productivity standards. We have them too, but what separates Shafer Staffing, Inc. is our unwavering commitment to understanding your needs and then delivering our services around those needs. On the occasion something goes awry we will do absolutely everything possible to make it right! Shafer Staffing, Inc. understands the challenges that many businesses face when looking for qualified staffing professionals. We also know what people looking for employment want. The result is a proven track record of making sure both the candidate and the company are Completely Satisfied!

We are building our employee database daily and would like to be able to satisfy your staffing needs with our applicants. We have qualified candidates for you that can start immediately. Be assured they will have successfully completed a drug screen and a local background check along with any other processes you require. We look forward to the opportunity to fulfill your temporary and or permanent staffing needs in the near future.

Please call us at 1-815-780-8730 anytime between 8am – 4:30pm Monday through Friday. We are waiting to hear from you with the offer of GREAT RATES and GREAT SERVICE promised to you.


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